We are dealing with debt and unemployment!

We are dealing with debt and unemployment!

Suppose you are under debt and become unemployed, managing your financial situation is a lot more complex and adds to an already stressful situation. And even though you may not want to shatter your credit score by skipping payments, you will likely end up doing just that.

Reaching out to your credit card company.

The best way to find some grounding is by seeking your credit card company’s help. This could prove helpful in either lowering your interest rates, reducing payments, or result in a temporary break from your payments. These options can be beneficial even when you are on a strict budget. If you have a good history with your payments, the credit card company may choose to make modifications and exceptions for you.

Avoid adding to your debt.

While in a time when you are finding it hard to manage your bills, you might be tempted to use your credit card more than regular. And this should be avoided, which is why it is always advisable to maintain an emergency fund on the side at all times.

Suppose you have reserves; it’s best to keep paying your credit card off, as you don’t want to pay unnecessary interest on your bills. Also, if you think you need extra money, it’s best to apply for a personal loan. Local credit unions usually have lenient credit requirements than banks, and therefore borrowing from them will not add to your financial stress.

Keeping track of your budget

While unemployed, you must make a budget, which you stick to. This will help you track your spending and allow you to meet your monthly obligations.

Don’t miss minimum payments.

To ensure competitive interest rates in the future, you must maintain a strong credit score. Therefore you must continue making minimum payments on your credit cards and loans. Missed or late payments can significantly impact your credit score and which is why you need to consider it as a necessary expense, similar to your food and housing expense.

Reach out to a credit counselor

If budgeting and identifying strategies don’t come easy to you or make you overwhelmed, reach out to a reputable credit counseling company.  A credit counseling company can also help carry out negotiations for you and offer you credit relief options that might help you stabilize your situation.

When you find yourself in a stressful situation like that, it is essential to remind yourself that there are many ways in which you can improve or stabilize your financial standing. You can start with your creditors, making improvements yourself, and then there are always trustworthy experts you can reach out to. Make sure to remind yourself this period is temporary, and soon you will regain your financial health.