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Decades of discrimination in the workplace and financial institutions have induced an almost trauma-like response in many people of color, particularly Black Canadians and Indigenous Peoples, making them less likely to seek credit. The ramifications can prove devastating, as good credit impacts everything from mortgage rates to hiring decisions by employers.  Our goal is to remove barriers to financial freedom for families by helping them improve their credit scores, reduce debt, give access to financial Literacy and give them hope.

Kids Sport Program

Your donations will help a marginalized family whose kids cannot enroll in sports programs due to economic status or credit challenges.

Vulnerable Youth Program

Immigrants Inclusive Credit targets vulnerable youths in the justice system or from an underrepresented group. We give them the tools needed to build new credit or rebuild their credit history in order to access a better financial future. We give them access to a comprehensive financial literacy program that teaches them how to save, invest, get access to funding and manage debt levels.

Together we can make a difference!